DG Synchronization Solution

Ambit provides innovative solution for power management, synchronization and control for Diesel Generation (DG) sets, turbines grid with DG/TG sets used in small, medium & large Industries, Building & Commercial Infrastructure segment that includes Offices, IT / IT ES Parks, commercial complexes, shopping malls, Hotels & Hospitals.

Another wide application is captive power plants.

Synchronizing/Load management systems are designed with PLC/dedicated PLC.

For Dedicated PLC solution Ambit is authorized system integration of DEIF, a Danish company established in 1933 and a world leader.


Technical Specifications


System voltage
No. of DG Sets Synchronizations
DG's, TG's, DG with TG, DG/TG with Grid
Auto and Manual with PLC/Dedicated PLC
Short Circuit Level
IEC 62271-202
Upto 100KA/1 sec at 415V
Upto 40 KA/3sec at 11KV