Ambit promises total quality throughout the production process. The technical experts ensure compliance as per the international IEC 60439-1 standards for all 7 routine tests. Protections from both external influences (Foreign bodies, Dust, water, corrosion and earthquakes) and internal influences (internal areas, short circuit & temperature rise) is built into the system.

Ambit Panels are Type tested and Routine tested.

Type Tests

  • Verification of Mechanical Operation
  • Verification of Short Circuit Withstand Tests
  • Verification of Temperature Rise Limits
  • Verification of Dielectric Properties
  • Verification of Effectiveness of the Protective Circuit
  • Verification of Clearance &Creepage Distances
  • Verification of Degree of Protection

Routine Tests

  • Inspection of Wiring and Electrical Operations Test
  • Dielectric Test
  • Checking of protective measures and electrical continuity of the protective circuits
  • Verification of Insulation Resistance
  • Secondary Current injection Test